Note: Blue Gem is not a parts reseller. We do not have any stock of PC parts on-hand beyond Yeston Cute Pet Cases.

Yeston Cute Pet Cases Stock Notice – [June 12th, 2021]:

The new stock of Yeston Cute Pet Cases will be made available for purchase

Backorders will not be made until we can confirm with the supplier that new orders are possible. If you would like to be notified about stock availability alerts, send us an email or contact us on any of our contact forms.

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Temporary Store Closure Notice:

Due to the lack of availability of Graphic Cards since September 2020, we can no longer accept new orders for PCs. We are completely backlogged in orders, have inventory for orders piling up, and can no longer afford to take on new orders that will potentially just sit around.

Until further notice, the Blue Gem PC Store is now closed until market conditions improve.
We will not accept any new computer orders.

All current/existing orders will still be fulfilled. If it is waiting for a GPU, it may take some time still to fulfill.