Gem GX Series – Gaming PCs

Fully Customizable Gaming PCs

Other Gaming PC Designs with full configurable options

If you know what you want and you want to fully choose your parts and your case, these options are available.

Prebuilt Gaming PCs will always cost more than DIY builds cause of the margin for labor and shipping, but that shouldn’t mean ripping off buyers with low end performance or low quality parts. We always aim to be hundreds less than competing prebuilds for the same or better performance. Quality of parts is never sacrificed to achieve that.

My goal is provide an ideal gaming PC setup for each budget tier and remove death by choice, by providing just simple optimized tiers to pick from. An Entry level system should be good enough for the vast majority of PC gamers, even with new AAA titles. While a cheaper entry system is possible, I want to sell PCs that give a great gaming experience and won’t disappoint.

Refurbished Gaming PCs

We are currently sold out of Refurbished Gaming PCs
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Prices shown on all builds include shipping