Due to the unavailability of Graphic Cards since September, we can no longer accept new orders for PCs. We are completely backlogged in orders, have inventory for orders piling up, and can no longer afford to take on new orders that will potentially just sit around. Until further notice, the Blue Gem PC Store is now closed until market conditions improve.

Cute Pet by Yeston



A very unique case by Yeston. Imported from China. We keep limited to no stock on hand and allow back-orders.

All orders may take 20-65 days to fulfill, depending on import times. Shorter if we have some stock on hand (currently we have 0 on hand due to order demand) and Shipping is included in the price of the case

We offer fully built computers with this case: Check out our GX Cardenas Class.

THIS LISTING IS FOR SHIPPING TO USA AND CANADIAN BUYERS ONLY. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY VIA INDIVIDUAL REQUEST (Beware: You may potentially have high shipping fees, averaging between $100-$250. Contact Us please)

Note: if you see an abnormally high price for this listing, you’re viewing the store in Australian Dollars (AUD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD)


Size: 381 x 326 x 285 mm

Radiator limit: 120mm or 240mm

Motherboard support: Mini ITX and Micro ATX

Video Card Length: 340mm

Drive Support: 3x 2.5-inch

Power supply support: ATX, max length 180mm

Other features: USB 3.0, Front audio interface, breathing lamp face


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