Cute Pet by Yeston


A very unique case by Yeston. Imported from China. We keep limited to no stock on hand and allow back-orders.

All orders may take 20-65 days to fulfill, depending on import times. Shorter if we have some stock on hand (currently we have 0 on hand due to order demand) and Shipping is included in the price of the case

We offer fully built computers with this case: Check out our GX Cardenas Class.

THIS LISTING IS FOR SHIPPING TO USA AND CANADIAN BUYERS ONLY. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY VIA INDIVIDUAL REQUEST (Beware: You may potentially have high shipping fees, averaging between $100-$250. Contact Us please)

Note: if you see an abnormally high price for this listing, you’re viewing the store in Australian Dollars (AUD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD)


Size: 381 x 326 x 285 mm

Radiator limit: 120mm or 240mm

Motherboard support: Mini ITX and Micro ATX

Video Card Length: 340mm

Drive Support: 3x 2.5-inch

Power supply support: ATX, max length 180mm

Other features: USB 3.0, Front audio interface, breathing lamp face


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